Sunday, December 14, 2008

He's Good At Ducking, All Right

(Responsibility for the war, responsibility for our awful economy, responsibility for the climate name it.)

A stupid, pointless gesture for a stupid, pointless war; though I don't encourage violence against anyone except bin Laden - not even Dubya - I don't mind that this happened, nor does it bother me that Dana Perino apparently received "a bit of a black eye" (as noted here).

Actually, that's the least they should have to endure, given this story in the New York Times today confirming what we already knew, namely, about all the screwups that took place during the supposed reconstruction of Iraq.

And it sounds to me like Muthathar al Zaidi is the next candidate for "rendition" to a black hole somewhere, likely never to be heard from again - love to be wrong, though.

Update: All I could think about during this whole story was this, by the way.

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