Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Edwards Express Rolls On

The latest (asking for $$ again - sorry)...

Today, Elizabeth and I are launching the Fighting for One America bus tour across Iowa to take my message of big, bold change directly to the people.

Just like people all over this country, Iowans know the political system in Washington, D.C. is rigged against them. Senior citizens know that lobbyists for the big drug companies are writing the prescription drug laws. Single parents struggling to make ends meet on the minimum wage know that big business interests are working against them. Homeowners facing rising energy costs know that the big oil companies are slowing the development of alternative fuels and keeping us from ending our addiction to foreign oil.

The stranglehold of the special interests has to end. That is why we are fighting for One America—and why Elizabeth and I are traveling across Iowa this week.

We are using B20 biodiesel, a cleaner fuel, to run our bus—and clean money to fuel our campaign. My campaign runs on money from people like you—not from D.C. lobbyists or political action committees.

Help keep our bus running on cleaner fuel and our campaign fueled with clean money—donate what you can to help us raise $100,000 by Sunday.

Click here.

My campaign depends on people like you and your friends. If we are going to change the political system in Washington, D.C., it is not enough to exchange their insiders for our insiders. It is not enough to promise a future of change when you have a history of taking money from special interests.

It is time to send a president to the White House who can—and will—stand up to the lobbyists and the powerful interests who stand between us and the change our country needs.

I have been standing up to the special interests my entire career. And I'm not about to stop now. But I need your help to get there. So please, give what you can today.

Click here.

With clean money fueling our campaign of bold change and big ideas, together we can end the insiders' game in Washington, D.C.—and build One America for all of us.


John Edwards
Monday, August 13, 2007

PS -- You can follow our progress across Iowa
on our website — we'll be constantly updating the site with pictures, blog posts, and other content. Check it early and often!
By the way, Elizabeth sounded off about HRC and Barack Obama here (via HuffPo). I understand her points and I give her credit for sticking her nose into the fray again, but I just hope this stuff doesn't go on for too long; we don't want to give our corporate media the excuse to resurrect the "divided Democrats" narrative again. And this isn't going to decide who wins the primary, though I know Elizabeth knows that.

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