Friday, May 11, 2007

Smerky Notices Our Dead Troops – Film At 11

This post showed up on HuffPo yesterday, and I left a comment. However, my comment did not appear despite a confirmation message, so I’m going to repeat and elaborate somewhat on what I already said.

(And by the way – sorry to complain here, but I’m not sure how else to address this – it appears that I have been banned from posting comments at HuffPo. I can only conclude this because I did so previously, but as of a month or so ago I have been unable to. And I attempted to comment at different times on three different computers running the same browser but three different operating systems and two different antivirus/popup blocker applications, and the same result occurred each time. If HuffPo is going to block my comments, oh well, but the courtesy of a notification and/or explanation would have been nice.)

Anyway, back to the post, which is Smerky’s latest on Marine First Lieutenant Travis Manion and Army First Lieutenant Colby Umbrell, both of whom were from Doylestown, PA (both were killed in Iraq recently).

Smerky concludes his recount of the town’s solemn remembrance with this…

It's difficult to localize a war fought around the globe when daily stories describe a death toll pushed upward by often-faceless, nameless soldiers killed in combat.

But things have changed. Never again will I read a headline on war dead and see only words. The war has now come home.
Witness the august corporate media columnist waxing philosophical and sympathetic in Broder-esque fashion over more of our fine dead service people who, before he lost their lives, happened to reside in or near Smerky’s area code.

Well, since our military was apparently invisible to you until now as you helped lead the chorus telling us all to Sit Down, Shut Up And Clap Louder for Dubya’s Formerly Excellent Iraq Adventure, why don’t you check here to learn more about those from our army and elsewhere who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in this carnage?

And one more thing, Smerky – why don’t you give a listen to this which will give you a little more understanding as to how the majority of this country feels about this stinking war?

Update 1: And from the network that let Smerky sit in the Imus chair for a week (lumping TV and radio together here), we have this bit of idiocy.

Update 2: Props to Patrick Murphy for this.

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