Thursday, March 01, 2007

Change The Course

The latest from Democracy For America...

You are against the war in Iraq. You want to end the occupation and bring our brave men and women home. In fact, DFA members have been standing up and speaking out since before the war began. Our work led Democratic candidates to take Iraq head-on in the last election and your support created the new majority in Congress.

Now, you need to lead the way again.

Congress needs to know which exit plan you support. Should Congress limit funding to force redeployment? Should new troops only be sent if they meet the basic safety standards of training, rest and equipment? Tell Congress what you think:

Click here.

Maybe you feel Congress is already doing everything they can and trust them to choose the specifics. Maybe you think Congress should set benchmarks and a binding deadline to bring the troops home? Finally Congress has options on the table, now they need to hear from you.

Some milestones aren't worth reaching. We are only months away from reaching a horrible milestone: four thousand fallen soldiers and a financial cost of one trillion dollars. March 19 will mark the beginning of a fourth year in Iraq with no sign of when our troops will come home. In the last election, we told Congress to change the course. Now, we need to tell them how. Make your voice heard right now:

Click here.

Together, we will lead.

Thank you for everything you do.

Tom Hughes
Executive Director
And speaking of Iraq, it looks like Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad is going to use the more-realistic Congressional Budget Office estimates for war funding as opposed to the nonsensical ones from Bushco; the CBO estimates are higher, but again, they actually reflect reality.

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