Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's Over Already, PA-08 Freepers!

I’ll bet you thought you’d never see this picture again, right? Sorry to disappoint you…

I hope that any day now, outgoing PA-08 U.S. Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick will show some leadership and write a letter to the Bucks County Courier Times telling his supporters to stop whining and complaining and acknowledge the fact that Patrick Murphy won the election a few weeks ago.

(Yes, I know – I can dream, can’t I?)

I am a combat veteran of the air war over the hostile skies of North Vietnam and Laos when our Marines were under siege in early 1968 during the Tet Offensive. I voted for Mike Fitzpatrick.

It doesn’t bother me in the least that some Iraq veterans questioned what Patrick Murphy did in Iraq, but from the coverage that you gave this issue one might have the impression that all veterans support Murphy. You published letters that were amazingly similar since they contained the same buzzwords; swift boating, Max Cleland and John McCain.

It didn’t matter to me what Murphy did in Iraq, but for the fact that his campaign seemed to be predicated primarily on the fact that he went to Iraq and Fitzpatrick didn’t. It seemed to me that this handsome young man was plopped into our Congressional district by the Democratic party because of his service.

So what did he do as a military attorney? Process Article 15s while he was in the Green Zone? If the Democratic Party thought his service was the primary reason why we should turn Mike Fitzpatrick out of office, the question is proper. We are a patriotic bunch of people, but was the Democratic Party playing on our patriotism?

I didn’t think my war experience qualified me to run for Congress when I came back from Vietnam. I thought the same about Murphy. I’m a Fitzpatrick guy. I’ve met him only once, but because I read our newspaper, I know his record.

Clark Martin
Lower Makefield, PA
So much misrepresentation and nonsense yet again…Patrick “dropped into” this district, failure to acknowledge his service with the 82nd Airborne, the insinuation that Patrick is a “pretty face” beholden to that dastardly liberal Nancy Pelosi (and I’m sure that’s the reason why Patrick joined the Blue Dog Democrat coalition, as reported about a week or so ago at The Daily Kos). And Martin actually DARES to accuse the Democrats of “playing on patriotism”? This post would last from here until tomorrow if I started documenting all the ways the Repugs do that.

And what exactly was the "issue" that Young Philadelphia Republican Kevin Kelly raised about Patrick's service again at that press conference? Oh yeah, the charge that "blew up in Mikey's face," right? And as we know, Repug sympathizers NEVER write letters repeating boilerplate catchphrases...

It’s a dark day for Bucks County, losing a great man like Mike Fitzpatrick to a greenhorn like Patrick Murphy. Mike did a lot for our district and deserved to win and keep up the good work he was doing. Now we have a young man who can’t give you straight answers on any issue.

I am a Republican who voted for years for just my party. This election I chose to vote for who I thought was best for the job and voted for more Democrats than Republicans. But what were people thinking when voting for Murphy? No experience and no answers, or at least no answers that were not given to him by someone in his party.

We lost a great man and I hope we don’t pay too much of a price for it. He showed us all, claiming victory before anyone else would, he has a lot to learn and we will be the ones that suffer.

Scott Van Blarcom
Falls Township, PA
Oh, please.

I’ll tell you what, Scott; here is a link to my post explaining why I voted against Mike Fitzpatrick, and here is a link to my post explaining why I voted for Patrick Murphy. Take a few minutes, read them, then get out of my face and try to enjoy the holidays, OK?

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