Friday, October 27, 2006

Lois On The Move

Here’s an update on Lois Herr’s campaign to unseat Republican Joe Pitts in U.S. PA District 16 (from

- A fundraiser is taking place tonight from 7-9 pm at Café Aroma Borealis and RainbowNet Creations at 52 North Queen Street, Lancaster (in the Place Marie/Central Market Mall).

- Lois will appear at a rally with Bob Casey on Monday October 30th from 12:30 pm – 1:30pm at the Democratic Campaign Headquarters, 151 North Queen Street in Lancaster (RSVP to Erin Wilson at or 215-567-4190).

Also, did you know that Lois has outraised Pitts by a margin of over 3 to 1 in contributions from individuals in the third quarter?

Another item of note – Lois appeared recently with Lois Murphy (running against Repug Jim Gerlach in U.S. PA District 6) and pledged that the city of Reading will have a joint congressional office when both Herr and Murphy are elected to the U.S. House.

The following explains why this is important:

Reading has been gerrymandered into two Congressional districts and the City has suffered from the split representation. Herr's opponent, Rep. Pitts, has turned his back to the African American and Latino communities in the city by repeatedly voting for "Welfare for the Rich" and voting against programs that would promote minority business, make affordable healthcare available to inner-city constituents and provide resources to communities and neighborhoods.

"The idea of a single-point-of-contact resource center that we have heard proposed tonight is exactly what needs to be done to assure that federal, state, and community services and programs are readily accessible to every citizen in this city," Herr said to a group of leaders after the rally. "We have heard the Governor commit to placing state services in that resource center. By moving my Congressional office to that center, connections to federal services and programs will be located right where constituents need them to be."
Finally, the Alliance for Retired Americans, representing three million retirees, older Americans, and community activists including more than 301,953 members in Pennsylvania, endorsed Lois Herr, stating as follows:

"Your positions demonstrate a strong determination to improve the quality of life for older Americans. Your leadership on issues such as the need for a comprehensive prescription drug benefit plan under Medicare that benefits seniors -- not insurance and drug companies, the financial stability of the Social Security system, retirement and pension security, and quality long term nursing home care all exhibit a commitment to America's seniors.

"The Alliance for Retired Americans believes that your election to the House of Representatives will enhance the quality of life for older Americans. . . ."

Representative Pitts has a 0% lifetime voting record with the Alliance for Retired Americans.
Why am I not surprised in the least to hear that about Pancake Joe, by the way?

For more information on the Lois Herr campaign, click here.


Jake said...

Thanks once again for all you've done to help those of us working for Lois Herr in PA-16!

As another update -- and a STUNNING one, I can attest since I've lived here my entire life -- the Lancaster morning paper, The Intelligencer [sic] Journal, runs a 'People Poll' every Thursday & Friday. Respondents call a toll-free number and press either 1 or 2 to register their votes. Then the results are published in the Saturday edition of the paper.

This past week the question was: "Herr or Pitts in 16th District?"

There were 1,090 total calls. The results were:

Lois Herr = 979, or 90%

Joe Pitts = 111, or 10%

Obviously, these type of polls are not 'scientific' and I fully understand the reasons why. HOWEVER, I have never seen a local poll with results like this. Usually, the results are a simple reflection of the 2-1 Rethug voter registration advantage in Lancaster.

Just a 50-50 result would have been great; 90-10 is truly unprecedented, imho.

Even more shocking is the probability that most -- if not all -- of the poll respondents were from Lancaster County which is the Pitts stronghold in PA-16. The Berks and Chester County portions of the District are acknowledged to be up for grabs, if not actually leaning toward Lois.

No time for complacency here -- just thought you'd appreciate some good news!

doomsy said...

That IS good news - thanks for passing it along!