Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Petroleum And All Things Self Evident

This urgent report from “The Department Of The Obvious” sections of USA Today…

It’s almost fall, and gas prices are returning to their prior levels after increasing for the summer! President Bush gets a “bounce” in his approval rating to 44 percent with Republican voters returning to the fold (where else would they go, I ask myself? Also, I didn’t see anything in the story about how the study was conducted or in what geographic areas of the country, though I readily admit that I’m not an expert at polling or marketing research).

Update 9/20: Via Atrios, Eric Boehlert provides some context (thank God someone is injecting some freaking sanity into this matter!).

And Willie Nelson is busted for possession of about a pound of pot and some mushrooms (what else would they bust him for? Wearing white khaki pants after Labor Day?).

(Seriously, people, give Willie a break, OK? He’s not dealing, he’s just trying to take care of his stash. C’mon…).

Speaking of gas and energy-related stuff, I found this story about Lukoil from The Moscow Times (I don’t know about where you live, but they’re all over the place in Pennsylvania and New Jersey; from the article, it sounds like they started making inroads in this country by piggybacking off Getty and Mobil but have become industry “players” in short order).

Also on the subject of energy, I wonder if Mikey has anything to report from his little energy hearings a couple of months ago (or was that just so much more election year “cotton candy” from him?).

Finally, I’m just reading about the Q&A session he had with Patrick Murphy at Kings Caterers II at Bristol Township, Pa. – sounds like Patrick presented himself well and Mikey didn’t commit any gaffes either (Mikey still holds a slight edge…let’s help Patrick keep trying to whittle that down and take the lead!).

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