Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Lot Of Dough For Ceiling Fans

So Home Depot is going to review the compensation of Chief Executive Bob Nardelli in lieu of the company’s lagging stock price.

Neither this character nor his company gets one shred of sympathy from me, nor should they from anyone else. I don’t know about you, but regardless of which employer I’ve ever worked for, once the company’s share price hit that magic 10 percent minus number, it was layoffs all around. And this guy will keep his job and only face the possibility of taking a dip in his enormously ridiculous compensation ($123.7 million since becoming CEO in December 2000).

As noted here, Home Depot was one of the companies to benefit from Bushco’s tax giveaways, which I guess is what happens when you donate $3.2 million to these crooks, as Home Depot did in the last presidential election.

So I would ask that you keep this in mind the next time you need floodlights, Allen wrenches, turpentine or electrical tape on short notice.

Besides, Lowe’s is better anyway.

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