Sunday, July 02, 2006

Memo To Mikey: Because Water Is Wet

(Before I say anything, I have a messsage for anyone who may be reading this who works for The Bucks County Courier Times; your web site is absolutely horrible. Either reformat it and update your links or give up.)

So our illustrious 8th district U.S. House rep from PA wants to hold hearings to "gather information on the causes of frequent flooding in Bucks County," as reported in the Courier Times this morning.

Does the phrase "global climate change" ring a bell or two, Mikey?

See, it's that meteorological inconvenience mentioned over and over again by the vast majority of scientists who study the earth's temperature fluctuations. It's the phenomenon that is denied over and over and OVER again by the head of your party; you know, the guy who's entertaining the Japanese Elvis impersonator at the moment.

It's the reason for the increased water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico leading to more hurricanes there and elsewhere (where only a fraction of a degree can make a difference between a Category 3 and a Category 5 hurricane).

I'll tell you what; here's a link (this has sound) to learn more about Al Gore's great new movie "An Inconvenient Truth" (which, if I don't manage to see in the theater, I definitely will watch when it comes to DVD). Save us the money you would spend on phony baloney hearings which would do nothing but generate photo-ops for your re-election campaign and watch it instead, OK?

Update 7/5: As Above Average Jane noted (can't find her link at the moment), Fitzpatrick served on the Delaware River Basin Commission, so how necessary should it be for him to conduct hearings on this anyway? Shouldn't he already be familiar with the background on this? And by the way, Mikey...class move to remain in Washington while Yardley "takes it on the chin" again and Patrick Murphy and his staff actually helps those people flooded out of their homes.

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