Friday, July 07, 2006

Giving Us A Lube Job

So I'm getting the Doomsymobile ready for an upcoming road trip down at Mr. Goodshaft's, and the local area "happy talk" "news" show is on, when suddenly, I hear the baritone voice we have all been conditioned to dread for years:

"This is a special report from NBC News. Now, here is correspondent Brian Williams."
Oh great, I think to myself. North Korea has launched another missile. More troops have been killed in Iraq. Somebody famous has died, or Ken Lay has revived himself and fled the country.

No, corporate network mouthpiece Williams informs us, it's just to announce a press conference with Dubya from Chicago (and though I'm annoyed to know that President Stupid Head is going to take over and tap dance about nothing, I'm glad it's nothing worse than that).

And just to confirm that this is about nothing, Williams immediately goes to Tim Russert, who brings us this insider "scoop" that Bush has decided to take to the road and field questions to get away from the Beltway media establishment, or something like that (if so, then what exactly does that make you, I think to myself).

I couldn't tell you what Dubya talked about, because I honestly have tried to listen to him, but I can't stand it. He's proven himself time and again to be a total liar, and I'm not going to waste my time trying to disseminate the tiny particles of fact thoroughly immersed in his fiction.

And I have news for you; there were four other people in the waiting area who were also getting their vehicles serviced, and none of them were listening to him either, only talking among themselves and treating Dubya as nothing more than a distraction (and by the way, what I DID manage to hear was more rambling about "jobs American workers won't do" and "continuing to fight the war on terror," etc., but I heard maybe one question in the midst of about ten minutes of his ramblings).

There was a time when Americans actually listened when the president spoke. Maybe that will come again in my lifetime. We'll see.

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