Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spy The Beloved Country

Robert Scheer wrote a good column at The Huffington Post today on General Michael V. Hayden who, despite objections from so-called “moderate” Repugs as Arlen Specter, appears to be on his way to confirmation as the new head of the CIA.

I’m going to link here to a Wikipedia bio on a man named Bill Donavan who, many years ago, founded the agency which originated from the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. Donavan fought J. Edgar Hoover for years since Hoover wanted the FBI to assume the intelligence functions of the CIA, setting the stage for the turf battles that have followed to this day.

I’m also going to link back to my own personal tribute to General Hayden and his glorious commander-in-chief (“A reasonable basis to believe,” huh? That one STILL cracks me up!)

Update: Glenn Greenwald explains how this is part of a much, much larger problem with Bushco.

Update 5/12: It just gets better and better with Bushco, doesn't it (dear God)...

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