Monday, May 05, 2014

Monday Stuff

To be fair, the job numbers don’t indicate those who have dropped off the radar, but there’s definitely a positive record for Democrats to run on, if only they’d figure out what the hell their messaging is on this topic (and ignore people like James Carville, who act like we aren’t supposed to talk about the economy as we get closer to the elections– please...and good point to include the decline in public sector jobs as a contributing factor)…

…and I thought this was a good clip from E.J. Dionne about what you might call left-wing Christianity (to combat some more idiocy on display here from the High Court of Hangin’ Judge JR)…

…and here is a truly memorable (and timely, and most definitely NSFW) rant from Cenk Uygur – as I’ve said, the other side can make an intelligent case in opposition to Number 44; they could, but of course they won’t

…and it looks like “Man Tan” Boehner is going to try his best to keep BENGHAZI!!! alive as long as he possibly can (and God Almighty, am I waiting for the damn Democrats to take advantage of this…hey, how about a 30-second video, or a minute, pointing out how all the money spent on BENGHAZI!!! could be spent more productively on behalf of real, actual people just trying to survive?).

Meanwhile, here’s a tune about four other dead Americans – wonder if Boehner or his same-party pals will ever care (and yes, I know the answer to this hypothetical – more here).

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