Friday, March 28, 2014

#52, Lynn Jenkins (KS - 02)

As part of my “tribute” to the U.S. House Repugs and their 50 51 52 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Law…
  • Jenkins once laughed at a young uninsured single mother here and told her to grow up and get health insurance...not sure if that's a direct quote or not; I'll check later (almost too precious for words).

  • A response to a whole cavalcade of lies from Jenkins is here (typical Repug boilerplate, though).

  • She blamed Senate Democrats for a rise in student loan interest rates here...

  • …even though the following should be noted from here (a compromise was eventually passed and signed into law by President Obama; not a shining moment for #44, though, it would seem)...
  • Many Democrats want to base student loan interest rates on the government’s short-term borrowings, ensuring low rates for students. Republicans and the White House prefer tying student loans to 10-year Treasuries, which carry higher interest rates.
  • Jenkins also once said here that the Repugs needed a “Great White Hope” to run against Obama in 2012, who turned out to be Willard Mitt Romney of course (Blow that dog whistle a little louder why dontcha? And she “obviously” apologized, saying that she was confused by a resolution in support of black boxer Jack Johnson…uh huh).
  • Update 3/28/14: OK, fair is fair...I went back and heard the tape, and I think someone from the crowd yelled out at the mother to "grow up and get health insurance," which is still offensive and ridiculous. I'm not at all sure that Jenkins actually said that (I think she was stupid to not support the ACA, but I honestly couldn't detect patently offensive behavior.)

    Update 4/8/14: You have a better idea, Congresswoman? (here)

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