Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#44, Renee Ellmers (NC - 02)

As part of my “tribute” to the U.S. House Repugs and their 50 51 52 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Law…

What a prize of an elected official…
  • Speaking of the shut down (which I mentioned for Mark Meadows), Ellmers voted for it of course, but when asked why she wouldn’t donate her salary, said “I need my paycheck” here (as Laura Clawson says, as if Head Start teachers don’t?).

  • Oh, and an unsecured AR-15 rifle was stolen from her home here (smooth move).

  • Here, she introduced a “bill” to provide “rights” to disabled (injured and amputee) veterans that they already have.

  • As noted here, Ellmers introduced a resolution to honor Jesse Helms (ding ding ding! We have a winner in the “Wingnut of the Week” contest!).

  • Also, I’m not the biggest fan of Clay Aiken either, and I know politics ain’t beanbag as somebody once said, but I thought it definitely showed a lack of class on her part to mock his singing here.
  • Update 7/15/14: How about down to your level, Congresswoman? Is that low enough (here)?

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