Thursday, March 27, 2014

#48, Mike Pompeo (KS - 04)

As part of my “tribute” to the U.S. House Repugs and their 50 51 52 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Law…

Actually, after reading more about Pompeo, I realized that I should have profiled him MUCH earlier than now, but better late than never…
  • Here, he was called “The Koch Bros. puppet in the war on children.”

  • And as noted here, that’s not surprising in the least, considering that he made his fortune off a Koch-backed company.

  • His only public policy experience is with a Koch-related outfit (same Think Progress link as above).

  • Also the Kochs were by far the biggest contributors to his 2010 U.S. House campaign (same Think Progress link as above).

  • Pompeo also hired an ex-Koch Bros. lobbyist as his chief of staff (here).

  • Oh, and he made the news recently when he wanted Edward Snowden off the bill at the South-by-Southwest conference here (ummm, SXSW is in Texas, and Pompeo allegedly represents a congressional district in Kansas…???).
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