Thursday, March 27, 2014

#50, Mike Kelly (PA - 03)

As part of my “tribute” to the U.S. House Repugs and their 50 51 52 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Law…
  • Kelly was all about cutting spending until it came to cutting $4 billion in subsidies for the top five oil companies (here) – and did I mention that Kelly’s money comes from car dealerships, and he married a natural gas heiress? (typical)

  • He said here that people would still get their Medicare/Medicaid access and Social Security checks in the event of a government shutdown (uh, no).

  • He also said Obama was a “black president who divides us on race” here (good one).

  • He compared the so-called birth control “mandate” in the Affordable Care Law to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 here (too precious).

  • As noted here, Kelly played the supposed IRS “scandal” for all he thinks it’s worth at a hearing while questioning IRS commissioner Steven Miller (and as I and others have pointed out many, many times, the only politically-oriented group that actually lost its preferred status was a progressive one in California).
  • Update 7/30/14: Based on this, I'll acknowledge that Kelly may be an expert on pollution, of the hot air variety I mean.

    Update 11/19/14: If Kelly didn't know Obama has the upper hand on the immigration issue, he wouldn't be saying garbage like this.

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