Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Stuff

Once more, I'm about a day or so behind on Rachel Maddow's fabulous reporting on what's going on in Wisconsin and how high the stakes truly are; here is her report from Friday.

(By the way, at about 11:00, she notes that part of the Repug strategy is to either discourage or disenfranchise younger voters who traditionally vote Democratic. In these parts, that was accomplished by the infamous Ciervo/Fitzpatrick letter in the last campaign, which basically provided confusing instructions that more or less encouraged entering the wrong address on the absentee ballot application which would result in the absentee ballot getting disqualified, one tactic employed by the Repugs as part of their "voter caging" strategy. The silence on this from the local media in these parts is I've said before, a US attorney should be looking at that and that "PA Voter Assistance Office" stuff by the Dems)...

...and read whatever you want to into this, I just like the tune (and kudos to Colin Meloy for the item noted here at the bottom - heh).

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