Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Partisan Mikey Musings On Wisconsin

I give you the latest from Bucks County, PA’s conservative newsletter (here)…

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick said Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is doing the "right thing for his state" and called government bureaucracy "the next bubble."

"I've got to tip my hat to any governor willing to take on that bureaucracy," Fitzpatrick said Monday night. "We can't just load that debt onto future generations."
Putting aside Mikey’s typical boilerplate idiocy about the situation in Wisconsin, I should ask the following: If Fitzpatrick is supposedly so concerned about the deficit, then why is he fighting tooth and nail to repeal health care reform, which would only add to it (and when even the Washington Times reports on that here, I would say that that pretty much eliminates any further wingnut argument).

(I should note, by the way, that Mikey The Beloved said that and some other ripe stuff at a “town hall” meeting in Philadelphia among local U.S. congressional Repugs in which the only Dem who appeared was Chaka Fattah.)


(Fitzpatrick) also spoke of the GOP's allowing debate on the House floor as a significant change from the last Congress; the need for tort reform to bring down health care costs; and why he voted to reduce funding for the Public Broadcasting System.

"I support public broadcasting personally," he said, adding that he has written checks to PBS. "Today there is less need for significant federal support as there was in the 1960s or '70s. We just don't have the money with a $1.6 trillion deficit."
The part about the Dem congress supposedly not allowing debate on the House floor is a typical lie (as if he would know since he wasn’t even there at the time). The process of submitting amendments was regulated, I’ll admit, but that’s because his party sought to gum up the legislative process by submitting amendments that had nothing to do with actual legislation, as they did here on April 20th, 2009 concerning a Washington, D.C. voting rights bill – the Repugs inserted an amendment to loosen the district’s gun laws (and what exactly does owning a gun have to do with voting?).

(Also, as far as trying to defund public broadcasting is concerned – yet another Repug “golden oldie” from the days of Baby Newton Leroy as House Speaker – I give you this.)

Returning to Wisconsin, though, it really tells you how out-of-touch Mikey is that he isn’t even conversant on the actual issues in that state and instead lapses by default into “GOP talking g point” mode when asked about it. If it were merely a matter of “bureaucracy” (meaning what, exactly?), then why are the unions of the police and firemen exempt from Walker’s efforts to strip collective bargaining rights of public sector employees? Oh, right – because, in their stupidity, they actually endorsed Walker in the last election (and. And by the way, here and here are more non-reported tricks by Walker in this fiasco, particularly timely with Mikey waxing stupid as usual on Medicaid, and here is another consequence of Walker’s prior union-busting activities – wonder how this somehow wasn’t prominently played up in the election?

Continuing with the “town hall,” I should note that I really got a hoot out of this…

Joey Vento, owner of the city's popular Geno's Steaks, told the crowd to clean up the fraud in the entitlement programs. He asked how you could give health care to 30 million people and save money over 10 years. "I've got a bridge to sell you if you believe that."
Fortunately for us all, nobody elected Joey Vento to a damn thing (try reading this, wise guy – and by the way, your sandwiches stink too…go here instead).

This is more typical non-reporting by Gary Weckselblatt of the Courier Times, and when I criticize him as I often must do, I usually implore him to make a career change. However, this time, I think I’ll try to expedite the process by linking here instead.

The Repug non-jobs agenda drags on...

Update 1: I originally said that the police and firemen in Wisconsin endorsed Walker, which, for the most part, isn't true based on this.

Update 2: And of course, Mikey is definitely on the wrong side of the issue as many believe based on this.

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