Monday, November 03, 2008

A Word From Harris Martin

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Just 3 days to go before this historic election. If you live in the 18th House District, I ask for your vote on Tuesday. To vote for me, push button 6A on the bottom row of the new voting machine. To my friends outside the district, please wish us well.

I apologize for not sending out more campaign emails. I have been holding down 3 jobs trying to keep up with my mortgage and family obligations. I certainly understand where folks are with this economy because I am there too. We are very happy, however, that my first grandchild, Taylor Elizabeth Martin, was born on the 15th of October and is doing well.

My opponent and I have had 3 debates--at the Bensalem Senior Center, Tifereth Israel Synagogue, and St. Mathews Methodist Church. I have gotten some good press coverage and an almost endorsement from the Courier Times.

For those of you who received my opponent's latest deceptive and dishonest direct mail piece, please be advised that Peter Waitze, former BDO chair and traitor, is no longer a Democrat. He has campaigned for the local Republican candidates and against the local Democratic candidates for the last 3 years. Last year he campaigned for Rs Ed Kisselback and John Knowles and against Ds Mary Jeffery and Alex McDowell. Also, Governor Ed Rendell is not supporting my opponent, he is supporting me. DiGirolamo used this same dishonest ploy 2 years ago and the Governor's campaign press spokesman issued a renunciation at that time (the press did not publish it).

Remember where I and my opponent stand and have stood on these issues:

Illegal handling of official election night returns:

* I put a stop to it as soon as I heard about it in 2003.

* DiGirolamo must have known of this illegal and corrupt practice which went on for at least 15 years and he did and said nothing.

Greg Young racial harassment case:

* I worked with the NAACP in 1994 to provide background information to Greg's attorney.

* DiGirolamo did nothing.

Republican attempt to take away the right to vote of former prisoners:

* I initiated a successful effort by the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and national NAACP, along with ACORN, to get this racist House-passed amendment out of the Senate version of the bill.

* DiGirolamo said and did nothing.

Televising candidate debates on Bensalem channel 22 (BCT):

* I asked the township to do this.

* DiGirolamo could have asked the township to do it but refused.

Enforcement of gambling laws in Bensalem:

* I have spoken out publicly about the mayor's corrupt refusal to enforce this law and have our police prosecute the 4 or more Bensalem businesses found by police to have illegal gambling machines.

* Gene DiGirolamo has said and done nothing about this, even though he claims credit for the slots casino that we now have.

Creekside polling place change:

* I have worked from the beginning as part of the team devoted to reversing this racist and illegal action by the Bensalem and Bucks County Republicans.

* DiGirolamo's party and his uncle the mayor caused the problem while my opponent said and did nothing to help the residents of Creekside put the polling place back where it was.

What we are:

* I am a dyed in the wool Democrat and proud of it. I have been a fierce watchdog for the residents of Bensalem.

* My opponent claims to be a moderate but has an A-rating from the NRA. He uses dishonest means to deceive less informed voters into thinking he is a Democrat who supports Ed Rendell. He is the mayor's lapdog. He is the smiling face on the racist and corrupt Bensalem Republican monster.

Tough talk but it is JUST THE TRUTH.

Please make sure the young voters in your family get to the polls. Vote for Patrick Murphy for Congress and Barak Obama for President. Vote straight Democratic.

It's great to be a Democrat in Bensalem! GO BIG D!!!

Harris Martin
Democrat -- Liberty and justice for all
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