Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More On McCain’s Campaign Finance Fraud

Today brings us the following from “that straight-talking maverick”…

John McCain's campaign is seizing on Barack Obama’s comments Tuesday night deriding the public financing system for presidential campaigns. A senior McCain adviser calls it the latest signal that the Democratic candidate may abandon a promise to participate in the system, should he become the Democratic nominee.
Well, that's about par for the course from the Repugs, I know.

And here’s a particularly outrageous misrepresentation from CNN’s Dana Bash…

Last week, McCain's campaign returned $3 million in funds received from major donors towards general election expenses, and encouraged them to send the money to the Republican National Committee's Victory Fund instead — one of the strongest signals to date he intends to participate in the public financing system, which prohibits him from receiving those donations from individuals who have already contributed the $2,300 primary season maximum.
I have news for you, Dana, based on this; McCain already is participating in the public financing system!

Oh, and while you’re at it, try asking the Senator when he plans to release his tax returns, will you?

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