Friday, November 09, 2007

So What's It Gonna Be, Mikey?

This story from today’s Bucks County Courier Times tells us that our former U.S. House 8th PA district congress- man Mike Fitzpatrick helped the Boy Scouts launch their 20th annual “Scouting For Food” drive yesterday, which is commendable all around.

The story also tells us that the breakfast was held to honor food drive chairman and returning Bucks County Commissioner Jim Cawley (no word on whether any other nominees were in the running or if the award was garnered by votes provided in part by Jay Russell).

And “the man of the hour” offered these inspirational words also…

“When you think about it, there is no greater need of a human being than to eat,” Cawley said during remarks at the breakfast.
How very true, and I was pondering that same thought myself when I was voting for Steve Santarsiero, Diane Marseglia and other Dem candidates (and selecting yes in response to the Open Space question) on Tuesday and pressing the touch screen buttons that appeared to malfunction at first since they didn’t light up right away (the “gift that keeps on giving” from Cawley and Charley “I Have A Semi-Open Mind” Martin).

But getting back to the master of ceremonies for a minute, I seem to recall that Mikey told us that he’d decide whether or not he would challenge Patrick Murphy for his old seat after the election.

Well, Cawley and Martin are back in, sadly, joined by Diane replacing Sandra Martin. So..??

And this Intelligencer story tells us…

Republicans are also considering a handful of other candidates to run against Murphy, including Thomas Manion, whose son Marine 1st Lt. Travis Manion was killed in Iraq in late April; state Rep. Bernie O'Neill, R-29, a former special education teacher from Warminster; Dave Denoon, a college professor from Buckingham; and state Rep. Scott Petri, R-178.
I’ve also seen the name of PA State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo here, which would affect Patrick’s support in the Philadelphia section of PA-08 somewhat, though I can’t imagine how DiGirolamo would mean much for the overwhelming Bucks portion of the district (stranger things have happened, though).

But ultimately, the call of whether or not to run again is up to Mikey. And the clock continues to tick.

And by the way, concerning Bucks County, it looks like the VA cemetery is moving closer to realization based on the good news here (DOJ approval in Washington is all that is needed before the VA takes title on the property), but as Patrick alludes to in the story, I’ll feel better when that idiotic lawsuit related to the Federal Cemetery Overlay ordinance that’s still pending is thrown out.


John said...

Christ, save me. Gene Di Girolomo is the Sean Hannity of PA politics.

Patrick Murphy is making a name for himself. I saw him managing an amendment on the House floor this past week. That's rare for a freshman Congressman.

He's great at the podium in the House, he's well informed, and he speaks without sputtering, and with authority, and forcefullness.. He's been getting good press too. By the 2008 elections, he's going to be hard to beat.

Its a luxury to be able to call your Congressman and feel you have something in common, not like I felt with Greenwood; and I never called Rick Sanitorium.

doomsy said...

Are you equating Mike ("Waiting For Godot") Fitzpatrick with former Senator Man-On-Dog, "Tony" :-)?

I know of some people who've said that DiGirolomo has actually been responsive on their behalf, and that's fine. But if he's going to go all "Flush Limbore" on Patrick, then it will be just that much easier to utterly skewer him.

John said...

Gene Di is a lightweight, a Harry Fawks, Joey DiGirolomo puppet. His performance in Harrisburg is not noteworthy. He may be good at constituent services, he actually calls back when you call his office, but he's like Tomlinson, not much pull in the Capitol.