Saturday, June 23, 2007

Patrick Helps Our Vets Again

From this morning's Bucks County Courier Times (the story of the homeless veterans bill must have been published when this site was shut down)...

The Courier Times showed poor judgment when it buried on the second page of the Bucks section an article announcing that Bucks County Congressman Patrick Murphy introduced a much-needed bill that would help homeless veterans. This bill shows everyone how he supports and honors our men and women in the military.

Murphy's action was ironically trumped by the story, "Python captured in Bristol Township" on the front page of the Bucks section. Now that's cutting-edge news!

I hope to see a "Thumbs Up" to Congressman Murphy in the paper soon giving him his much-deserved credit.

Joe Kraher
Bensalem, PA

I am a retired, World War II disabled veteran; I served my country for 40 years.

About six months ago, my retirement direct deposit stopped. I wondered how that could be. I was still receiving my disability check every month. At this point, I was missing six monthly pension payments. It seemed to me like the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing

The commander from DAV Chapter 117 on Emilie Road made arrangements to see one of Congressman Patrick Murphy's staff members. It took about 15 minutes for (us) to straighten the whole thing out and only seven days to receive my back pay.

Walter T. Almond
Falls Township, PA
This gives me an excuse to link to Patrick's brand new web site for the upcoming 2008 campaign (here).

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