Thursday, June 21, 2007

And Rudy Will Bail Out Again

Repug Rep. Christopher Shays of Connecticut (pictured) is a shameless, self-promoting, pitiable coward for making this proposal (h/t Atrios).

Wasn’t it almost a year ago when he spoke out against the Iraq war (here)?

But oh no – it turns out he really favored the war (here).

It’s just about too horrific of an obscenity to contemplate reforming the Iraq Study Group while our service people continue to fight, suffer, struggle and die in ever greater numbers (as noted here).

If you haven’t read this post by Prof. Marcus quoting Robert Parry, please do so. I have to make sure I contain my online rage in such a fashion that it cannot result in any kind of legal activity against your humble narrator, so I won’t say anything else at this moment.

And by the way, the Giuliani reference has to do with this story.

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