Monday, November 06, 2017

Monday Stuff

Uh, yep…

…and Kyle K. opines on the Sutherland Springs shooting (and gee, doesn’t Samantha Bee, among others, look particularly prescient now in claiming that there’s a link between this insanity and domestic abuse? And great dot-connecting here by Kyle K. on the Repugs trying to gut Medicare/Medicaid and the impact on treatment for mental illness…NSFW)…

…oh, and by the way, there are three two special elections tomorrow – to help Phil Murphy in NJ, click here

…and to help Ralph Northam in VA against the utterly scurrilous Ed Gillespie, click here

…and to help Doug Jones against the deranged Roy Moore in AL, click here

Update 11/8/17: OK, I goofed on Doug Jones and Roy Moore – the special election in that contest is on December 12th; doesn’t mean it’s too early to help Jones, though.

Update 11/9/17: Oh yeah, there will be A LOT more to come on this I'm sure.

...and with the most recent gun carnage fresh in our minds, I believe this is an appropriate tune.

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