Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday Stuff

Yeah, I saw the news today oh boy, and I think this, this, and this sum up how I feel (and uh huh, THIS – and I’m looking at YOU again on this one, Jimmy Dore!). I believe it was Karl Rove, of all people, who said that “demographics is destiny,” and though the demographics aren’t there yet for us, we’re getting closer on that.

That being said, I watched a video that Cenk Uygur, who I respect, made last night right after the word came down about Handel’s victory (I didn’t include it partly because I didn’t totally agree with it and also because he couldn’t keep the camera still). Cenk is a little too doctrinaire as far as I’m concerned (to me, Repugs win because they fall in line, which Dems don’t do as often as they should); he caved on the whole “Nancy Pelosi” thing from the wingnuts because she’s a “corporate Dem,” but as far as I’m concerned, when someone tries to call her out, we should get in that person’s face and say exactly what their problem is with her – speaking only for myself, I’m tired of all of the ZOMG! NANCY PELOSI NANCY PELOSI NANCY PELOSI OOGA BOOGA!!! nonsense (oh, riight – she’s from SAN FRANCISCO!). Just saying she’s a corporate Dem without any pushback against those clowns is validating their idiocy (though, maybe, on the other DWS is a whole other story as far as I’m concerned).

Update 6/23/17: Yeah, I think this says it.

Also (with the huge qualifier that I rarely saw any political ads from Ossoff), if there is indeed any truth that Ossoff ran that typical losing centrist Dem strategy (for lack of a better word), then yeah, the outcome was totally predictable.

I just know that his ridiculous Emails definitely had the look-and-feel of the typical DNC garbage with headlines like “P-U-M-M-E-L-E-D!” “PLEASE!” “HOPE GONE!” “DEFEATED!” “AWFUL NEWS!” “FINAL REQUEST!” and the like. They got so ridiculous, actually, that I asked to receive fewer of them as opposed to unsubscribing from Ossoff Emails altogether. Well, I eventually DID unsubscribe because the volume was STILL totally out of hand. Then, I received an Email from the Ossoff campaign in the closing days via Daily Kos, so like a fool I made another contribution. And then, that started the whole daisy chain of constant Emails all over again to the point where I unsubscribed again.

Oh, and by the way, if there’s also any truth to this, then Ossoff deserved to lose; with a weapon to beat up Handel like The Great Orange Turd, why in God’s name WOULDN’T YOU FREAKING USE IT??!!

Now to the videos...…K.O. wonders about whether or not there really are tapes of the “Gropenfuhrer” and James Comey, and how exactly we would find that out (loved the Nathan Thurm reference)…

...and yeah, who's in the mood for another global financial meltdown? Show of hands?...

…and damn, how I wish I could vote for this guy

…and gosh, whaddaya know? It looks like a GOP contractor leaked a hell of a lot of voter information from their voter records – looking for the same degree of self-righteous indignation from our corporate media over this as I would over the Dem stuff during the HRC campaign last year…

…and just because our impulse-control-issue-child-in-chief has a problem with accepting climate change, that doesn’t mean the rest of us should too (I seem to recall the Good Book saying we should be stewards of the earth – oh, but that was from “hippie” Jesus, not Republican Jesus…oh, and let’s not forget who was responsible for this, by the way)…

…and happy first official day of summer, everybody.

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