Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Stuff

(For Mother’s Day, I had a picture of four women wearing MAGA shirts, so it’s only apropos that I do the same thing for Father’s Day, and I definitely mean it as a bad joke for this day also.)

And speaking of bad jokes, am I the only one who thinks that’s the best way to describe the timing of the mistrial ruling in the Bill Cosby case, coming down on Father’s Day weekend?

And yes, here are the usual caveats when I post about legal stuff – I don’t know all the details, nor do I claim to, and I’m also not privy to any kind of information that shouldn’t be disclosed. If somehow I was, I would keep it to myself because I wouldn’t want to say or do anything prejudicial to the trial.

However, from what I know, I think this sums up how I feel (and having graduated from Temple, I can tell you that I don’t enjoy dumping on Cosby, even when I feel that I have to)…

…and I guess you can apply those caveats to this also (and what does it tell you that Yanez was fired right after the verdict – and by the way, where is the NRA screaming about “gun owner rights” on this one? And great points by Ana, Ben and Alonzo Bodden)…

Update: Uh, yep...

Update 6/21/17: Yeah, I can see why they sat on this, and just add this to the pile I guess.

...and Happy Father's Day, everybody - here are two selections.

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