Monday, December 05, 2016

Monday Stuff

Rachel Maddow brought us a bit of a history lesson here on how presidential “tours” basically don’t end up going so well, within the context of Trump/Pence supposedly taking a “victory lap” after the travesty that took place almost a month ago (and once more, imagine the corporate media caterwauling if a Dem did something like this…by the way, the League of Nations failed for a few reasons, and one in particular was Henry Cabot Lodge, a Repug U.S. Senator who would create the obstructionist template utilized by Sen. Mr. Elaine Chao, among others)…

…also, K.O. is back to tell us that he believes that his personal Email was hacked, and you’ll never guess by who (personally, I was always suspicious of the fact that, over the conventions last summer, my page views went absolutely nuts; I’d love to think it was from people who were in love with this little blog o’mine, but was I being spied on to find out if it was worth it to try and “hack” this site? And was the decision made that it WASN’T worth it after all (que sera sera)? Who knows.)…

…and I know I’ve ridiculed people who voted for Trump, and I still do, but I’m genuinely sorry for Teena Colebrook; I’m hard-hearted on this I know, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

And I have a few reactions to the comment from Colebrook that she “doesn’t trust government anymore,” as noted here.

I don’t know if she said that because she was raised as a Republican all her life and was conditioned into thinking that they were “the only game in town” based on that as well as the opinions of other family members, friends and/or acquaintances (with their hero, The Sainted Ronnie R, decrying for many years how supposedly awful “government” is). Maybe she’s just a person who, commendably, was taught how important it is to be responsible and self-reliant and just gravitated to the “R” party thinking they still embodied those virtues despite the fact that they’ve been thoroughly hijacked by Teahadists/racists (they often overlap as far as I’m concerned), know-nothings and corporatist greedhead monsters.

Either that or she actually paid attention to the Democratic presidential campaign and just felt utterly suffocated by the relentlessly negative coverage of Hillary Clinton and received not the slightest inkling of the fact that she would have been a demonstrably better president for her than the misery set to be sworn in on January 21st (and once more, I’m not saying that to let the Clinton campaign off the hook for what I would call their utter failure to realize just how heavily the deck was stacked against them, unfair as that is I’ll admit, and fashion in response an imaginative campaign that would have utterly shattered the corporate media shorthand manufactured against the Dem nominee, though I certainly don’t hold Clinton responsible for the James Comey garbage, the flood of fake news, and the Russian hacking which, as far as I’m concerned will be proved beyond all doubt eventually).

In short, if I were to talk to Teena Colebrook, I would ask her without a trace of snark why she said she “doesn’t trust government anymore.” I would do this if, for no other reason, because it would be an educational opportunity for the Democrats (too late now, though, I’ll admit)...

...and here is another seasonal favorite.

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