Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Stuff

Someone from al Jazeera thinks the US needs “anger management” (I think he’s right)…

...and here's some electoral "food for thought," that's all (this too)...

And maybe I need anger management a bit too, but I'd still like to point out the following (tied partly to the recent election):

There’s a really good video from The Young Turks about some of the horrific garbage going on at the DAPL protests in North Dakota – namely, that rubber bullets, tear gas and all kinds of weapons typically used during a war are being brought to bear against people protesting peacefully to protect their water. The video discusses in particular a brave young woman named Sophia Wilansky, who was hit with a grenade, believe it or not, and may end up losing her left arm.

I’m not including the video because, halfway through it, Jimmy Dore basically hijacks it and talks about how Barack Obama supposedly “lost”…not sure what election he’s referring to…and says that Obama could stop it all right now (re, the ridiculous tactics used against the protestors which are more typical of a banana republic which, truth be told, this country is turning into anyway). Yes, Dore’s right that what’s going on is an utter travesty and we should be focusing WAY more attention on it. However, I’m tired of listening to him blaming every politician of either party equally for all of the ills that, admittedly, they haven’t addressed as they should (the economic meltdown and the lack of prosecution of the “banksters” for same, the Iraq war of course, etc.).

Has Number 44 done everything I’d hoped he would when I voted for him? Not by a longshot. However (and I’m sure Dore doesn’t want to hear this, but I’m saying it anyway), looks what he was up against for the last 8 years!

And guess what? By just throwing up your metaphorical hands and saying “Everyone’s corrupt, so what else should we expect?”…well, congratulations, you moron. I’m sure that ended up depressing Democratic voter turnout to help bring to hideous fruition the governmental nightmare we now face.

Do you honestly think there’s an equivalency between ways that Obama and Hillary Clinton admittedly fell short and the devastation we could yet face under Generalissimo Trump? To say nothing of the battles that I’m sure we’ll have to face EVERY DAY starting next January 21st (to say nothing of the ones we have to face right now while “Donald Drumpf” is transitioning to power)?

Just how big a fool are you anyway?

Update 11/24/16: And let's remember this the next time we hear the US lecture another country about human rights.

…continuing, Joy Ann Reid talks to Richard Painter about the inevitable conflicts of business interests that I’m sure our incoming POTUS (ugh) will deny at every turn, to say nothing of the thoroughly odious cadre of sycophants doing his dirty work…

…and K.O. is back with his second video as part of his “The Resistance” series…

…and Kyle K. tells us that a poll resulted in 59 percent telling the media to report facts instead of spin - imagine that (NSFW)...

…and congrats to “The Boss” for this.

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