Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday Stuff

We’re almost getting to the payoff for all of this insanity (with practically all of it from the other side), as Morgan Freeman reminds us - more here

…and as noted in this clip, “Fergus Laing” and "No Corporate Tax" Pat Toomey (R-Elevator) are like two peas in a truly awful pod (to help Katie McGinty, Toomey’s opponent, click here)…

…and yes, for the eleventy bazillionth time, Steve’s gun bill was never brought for a vote by those life forms in Harrisburg, but kudos to him for trying; to help send Steve to the U.S. Congress in a few weeks (where he and people like him are DESPERATELY needed), click here (graphic above was inserted because, after the most recent debate, Brian Fitzpatrick, Mikey’s brother and Steve’s opponent, made a bee line for the door)…

…and there were a few milestones last week, but I missed one – happy 75th birthday to Paul Simon.

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