Thursday, June 02, 2016

Thursday Stuff

Here is some analysis on “The Donald” from our friends up north; nope, nothing snarky or no historical footage included…just presenting “Fergus Laing” warts and all (and please spare me all of the “omigod, he did it this time – his campaign is surely doomed now” stuff…we’ve seen what we thought were moments like that over and over, and none have materialized so far).

I honestly don’t care that much if he beats up the press. A lot of presidents have done that; that’s not the issue.

The issue is that Trump was, is, and always will be, dangerously unqualified for the most important job in the world. And he’s up against a presumptive Democratic nominee whose negatives are almost as high, which is scary.

I’m going to make yet another appeal to Hillary Clinton to actually campaign and start trying to make it crystal clear what she wants to do as president and how that will benefit this country as opposed to what Trump claims he wants to do and how that would likely wreck everything this country has stood for since its founding – PLEEEAAAASE!! (sorry, Bernie - more here, and she took a step forward on that here)...

...and in response to this (including MSNBC, which looks more and more pathetic with each passing day), I have only to ask the following: Gee, ya' think??!!

...and speaking of The Comcast Network, I think Lawrence O’Donnell makes a great point here about how screwed up our election cycle is in this country given that Iowa and New Hampshire get so much debate and candidate attention relative to California, and of course Robert Kennedy’s words have become even more prescient with the passage of time, but Heaven forbid that the cretins responsible for this fail to get in a Trump mention…

…and I’ve fallen behind on the science and green news from Thom Hartmann, so I’ll try again to catch up…

...and here is what I consider to be an appropriate tune for this little item.

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