Saturday, March 05, 2016

Saturday Stuff

For the record, as noted here, Teahadist assh*le Mike Lee doesn’t think the kids in this video need any help from the federal government (fortunately, as shown in the clip, Rachel Maddow hosted that great town hall on the Flint water disaster – and oh yeah, little Luke Russert appears to be an utter Beltway courtier media tool and little else)…

…and I wanted to highlight this video from last year to feature Lee’s fellow traveler Scott Wagner and note updates to this post

...and have you heard of The Empowerment Plan? Well, this tells you all about it...

…and this happened 50 years ago yesterday; he made the comment to a writer for a British magazine, and it was printed there and no one thought much of it at the time - the whole thing blew up when this country heard about it, of course…makes me recall this NSFW tune.

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