Thursday, September 24, 2015

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Calling for the abolition of the death penalty was commendable of course, but I hope our corporate media doesn’t forget to note (though they probably will) what Pope Francis said in the last minute of this clip about how the U.S. is still making a killing, literally and figuratively, selling arms throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East (more here)…

(Oh, and I wonder where those supposedly fine, upstanding Catholics Antonin Scalia and “Strip Search Sammy” Alito were for the Pope’s address? I realize that it’s not a sin if they didn’t attend, but for all of their moralistic harrumphing, you would think they would have been there. Or was it that, because of the supposedly liberal leanings of the Pontiff, they came down with a case of the “Pope Frankie Flu”?)

Update 9/25/15: I thought this was some typically interesting information from Charles Pierce; I'm sure the Pope's text omission Pierce notes was accidental, but dag, wouldn't it have been awesome if it had made it into the speech.

...and Rachel Maddow (who, fortunately for all of us, seems to have found her groove, as it were, once again) had this interesting report last night in advance of the Pope's address to Congress ("Yes We Vatican" - clever)...

...and I give you "This Day In Doomsy History" once more from 9/24/10, with Jon Stewart delivering a GREAT debunking of U.S. House Republican claims that "oh baby, I've changed...really" - of course, what's really depressing to think about while watching this clip is that, because of typical lethargy from a majority of Democratic voters in off-year elections, the Repugs won the House anyway...

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...and RIP Ben Cauley of The Bar-Kays.

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