Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Stuff

Rachel Maddow connects the dots beautifully here on the Repugs and their (and I hesitate to say this, but it fits pretty well here) "war" on public employees (she should get an Emmy or a Cable ACE award or something for this, but she won't - I came across some pundit over the last few days wondering what it would take to stage pro-democracy uprisings in this country; I think we have our answer...a shame that most of Wisconsin apparently slept last November on Election Day, but they're making up for it now - here is an update)...

...and in another context, I think this tune works (sorry, no video - posting questionable again for tomorrow).


Anonymous said...

Go Wisconsin.

Its not about money. Its about power and taking unions down.

The media and Joe Scarborough are deliberating misrepresenting the facts.

Glad to see the firemen and cops joined the protest.

doomsy said...

I’m about a day behind on the Rachel Maddow vids, but it’s the best I can do – last night she said that the cops and firemen actually supported that idiot Walker, but fortunately they’re doing the right thing now.

Sad that the voters of that state and the country generally didn’t understand that there was a lot more at stake last November other than jobs, though that quite rightly is the priority. It’s about the Repugs implementing their cruel and ridiculous Reagan-esque notions of governance the first chance they get, which sadly they now have.

More people should have known – I chalk it up to corporate media epic fail (including Joe Scar, of course).