Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Stuff

Ed Schultz gives us a taste of how serious the stakes are in Wisconsin right now here (and Rachel Maddow's reporting on this over the past week, connecting the dots, has been fantastic - I can't put up the videos because of MSNBC's awful upload non-capability, so just click here and search for yourself).

Oh, and one more thing..."Club for Growth"? Attacks on unions orchestrated by "hedge fund managers"? Any of this ringing a bell, all of you PA morons who voted for Pat Toomey last November?...

...and I was wondering how long it would be before someone took the pompous bombast of Chris Smith and stuck it right in his metaphorical ear, but Dem House Rep Jackie Speier of California did it here - kudos to her for her courage, and pox on Smith and others of his foul ilk, including a certain waste of DNA from PA-16...

...and here's something mellow and a bit edgy for the long (for us all, I hope) weekend.

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