Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday Stuff

God bless Zach Wahls of Iowa for this (a clip from "The Last Word" last night, and Lawrence O'Donnell's interview with him and his family tonight was pretty good also - I'll keep an eye out for the video)...

...and I'm sure you share my utter disgust with the events going on in Egypt - if we ever had any doubt that Hosni Mubarak's concept of "democracy" is an utter fraud, then his truly criminal treatment of his own people and journalists in particular has made that crystal clear.

And before anybody thinks "God, what a naive song to listen to while this horror is going on," consider that this embedded tune (no video) came out in the summer of 1968, and we know what was happening at the time. I've had it in my head lately and I think it's appropriate (this is also a response to the truly obnoxious YouTube commenter bluesboy25000 who didn't care for this selection at this moment - probably applies to the "Last Word" clip also).

Update 2/4/11: And speaking of reporters being attacked - well, this was predictable, wasn't it?

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