Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Stuff

I know we've done the whole Keith Olbermann thing to death, but this is pratically all of what Lawrence O'Donnell said on Monday as a tribute to K.O.- I thought it was very well put, and it was classy of O'Donnell to name all of the people behind the scenes on "Countdown" who helped him - I just hope everybody finds work elsewhere now that the show is done.

(By the way, we know that Keith always signed off with the Edward R. Murrow trademark of "good night, and good luck" - as a reminder, this is what happened after Murrow heroically went after Joe McCarthy...advertisers pulled out of the broadcast, there were layoffs and much tighter editorial "oversight," and "See It Now," the name of Murrow's show, was moved from prime time to Sunday afternoons, where it eventually died due to bad ratings...doing good work on TV can give you a feeling of satisfaction I'm sure, but frequently, that's the only reward reward you're likely to get.)...

...and yeah, I would say that this song is appropriate right now (no video).


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