Friday, January 28, 2011

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As anyone with any familiarity with this site knows, there are topics that I post about where I am actually knowledgeable on that subject, there are some that I post on where I have a passing familiarity with what’s going on, and there are some topics I post on where I just about have no clue. And the stuff going on in Egypt and Yemen more or less falls into the latter category.

I’m sure some of It is built-up repression against our de-facto-at-least endorsement of dictatorial leaders of countries that eventually boiled over (partly the fault of them getting some “love” from Bushco because they pledged to fight the Global War On Terra! Terra! Terra!). And I’m sure the fact that Number 44 is taking his bloody sweet time about getting us out of Afghanistan has more than a little bit of a ripple effect throughout a region of the world that is highly unstable anyway.

I have one request, though (which probably is why I’m bothering to say anything at all).

Yes, loss of life in street protest is terrible, and if this is the way that Tunisia, Egypt and maybe elsewhere are going to achieve popular rule that actually accomplishes something for the people it purports to represent, then just get out of the way and let it happen (happily, I honestly believe Obama gets that).

However, I’m just waiting for the inevitable wingnut umbrage with the accusation that Al Jazeera is fomenting some kind of unrest, and this is all a plot of their doing.

I don’t know how many other people besides me have noticed, but Al Jazeera is one of the few worldwide news outlets actually reporting on real people impacted by real news. They should be commended for that and not vilified (this came from Cairo about 12 hours ago – here is an update)…

…on a wholly other note, it looks like Jon Stewart is at it again, this time versus Bill Orally (here, in yet another sequel to the Steve Cohen-Nazi thing)…

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…next, Rachel Maddow brings us the latest in wingnuttia (truly sad, particularly the laughable nonsense with Moon Unit Bachmann at the end)…

…and I don’t know if this song works on another level concerning the Egypt protests or not, but I like it anyway.

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