Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Stuff

"Worst Persons" (some generic Fix Noise hairdo tells us that "low-income" people will have "low-income" babies unless they have more taxpayer-funded abortions, even though the poor also pay for them through their premiums - hilarity always ensues when attractive looking white people decide to lecture their audience about that dreaded, filthy underclass that threatens to invade their dinner parties while they pass the sweet and sour shrimp; Glenn Beck has his nightly paroxysm over global warming - I hope he ends up being chased all over an ice floe by a polar bear; but Mayor Russell Wiseman of Arlington, Tennessee takes it - this is one for the books, people - because he believed Obama purposely scheduled his speech on Afghanistan last week to pre-empt "A Charlie Brown Christmas"...sometimes there truly are no words)...

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...and the greeting for a happy '09 needs to be updated, but otherwise, I thought this was appropriate to kick off the holiday stuff again, as a follow-up to the "Worst Persons" finalist if for no other reason.

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