Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

I haven't made it through all of K.O.'s hour-long health care "Special Comment" tonight, but what I've seen so far is quite moving (can't think of a word to describe how pathetic it is that the "action item" is to, in essence, shame Dem senators into not supporting a Republican filibuster, but we are where we are).

Someone named Izzy Forman at 360i on behalf of MSNBC was kind enough to send me the following links - many thanks:

  • Here is the transcript.

  • Here is Keith telling us that health care as basic as life itself, pointing out that there is no higher human priority than health and therefore no more basic government responsibility than ensuring the care of its citizens.

  • Here Keith warns that America is actually getting worse at addressing the health concerns of its citizens and is on track to surpass even the tragic conditions of Dickensian England.

  • Here he outlines how the current American health insurance system is so much more focused on making money than making Americans healthy that in some cases companies actually benefit when their employees die.

  • Here he presents a personal perspective on the pain of illness and the difficulties of end-of-life decision making - physical and emotional pain worlds away from the insulting "death panels" debate.

  • Here he outlines his intention to show his support for American health reform by donating to the National Associations of Free Clinics to offer a free clinic every week in the capitol cities of the states of the six senators standing in the way of health reform in the Senate. Details for viewer participation to come.
  • And as I watched this, this song kept running around in my head.

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