Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

This is the clueless moron who called President Obama a liar tonight during his health care address to Congress (I can't get near his web site at the moment to tell him what I think of him - since the Google search returned about 2 million hits, I'm not a bit surprised).

You know, I don't think I ever agreed with a single word that came from the mouth of the thoroughly egotistical, insufferable, deceitful, clueless halfwit who preceded Obama, but even I knew that it was inappropriate to heckle George W. Bush in a speech. There are a lot of ways you can show disagreement while still respecting the office.

And what's more, Joe Wilson is completely and thoroughly wrong (see the last point here - hat tip to Politico for the Factcheck link).

If Joe Wilson had one speck of intestinal fortitude, he would apologize to the president immediately. But of course, since we're talking about the "worthy opposition," the presence of intestinal fortitude is problematic at best (I know McCain called for an apology, which is commendable though completely obvious).

Update 1 9/10/09: He's still an asshat.

Update 2 9/10/09: And by the way, to do a good deed in response, click here.

Update 3 9/10/09: Here are more lowlights from this Wilson guy (what a creep...h/t Atrios).

Update 4 9/11/09: Still more here (h/t Eschaton)...

...and this goes out not just to Wilson, but every one of those teabaggin' fools screaming about "gumint health care" when they should be screaming about rising premiums and copays instead (along with the Murdoch Street Journal for letting Just Plain Folks Sarah Palin try to breathe life into her "death panel" lies once more today).

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