Monday, May 12, 2008

Silvio Says Ciao!, BoBo

I thought this New York Times column last Friday by David Brooks was somewhat interesting (he’s telling us that conservatism is “on the way back” abroad, people, particularly in the U.K., even though Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a member of the Labor Party…???).

Our intrepid Times mouthpiece tells us…

(British Conservative Party Leader David) Cameron describes a new global movement, with rising center-right parties in Sweden, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, California and New York (he admires Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg). American conservatives won’t simply import this model. But there’s a lot to learn from it. The only question is whether Republicans will learn those lessons sooner, or whether they will learn them later, after a decade or so in the wilderness.
Well, we can only wish, can’t we?

And I thought it was strange that, on this list of those supposedly conservative-ascendant locations, Cameron and BoBo didn’t mention Italy, currently being run by Prime Minister Jesus, taking his third shot at doing it right.

Do you think it’s because of that little problem with exposing confidential tax information in an effort to nab those skirting the law (so, let’s punish the people doing the right thing in such a way that it won’t matter to those breaking the law…nice job).

Also, it seems that Italy is having a problem with picking up the trash (here).

Yep, just keep taking a crack at getting that “conservative governance” thing right, you guys, even if it takes “a decade or so in the wilderness.”

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