Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Benny And The Bombshell

Though it seems like I'm putting up this cheesecake photo for gratuitous purposes only, I should note that it does pertain to an actual story.

It seems that Supermodel (are there any other kind, I wonder?) Gisele Bundchen criticized Pope Benedict over his recent trip to Brazil (the world's largest Catholic country, as noted in this story, a place where Bundchen is very popular also) and what he said while visiting. To no one's surprise, the Pope restated the church's line against contraception, abortion, and unmarried sex.

The reason why I'm noting this is because I wish I'd heard Benny say, "OK, listen, we're not deviating from the program here, really, but I'll only say that we know there are a lot of Catholic men and women out there way beyond the legal age, some of whom may be established in their careers, and we know there may be a pretty good chance that there's some 'nookie' going on out there, and if an accident happened, then you should get married for the sake of the kid, putting the child first of course. All well and good. To people like that, I'm sayin' protect yourselves so you don't catch any diseases that, at worst, could kill you, to say nothing of spreading those diseases to anyone else. I'll cut you some slack on that."

And I also wish I'd heard Bundchen say, "Yes, I'm definitely pro-choice, but abortion should always be a last resort instead of a first one. And to all of you young women who are my fans, I thank you, but I have to ask you something. If you and your partner don't possess the physical, emotional, and/or financial ability to be good parents, why the hell are you even imagining that you should be having sex?"

(If I ruled the world, every day would be the first day of spring...).

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