Thursday, January 11, 2007

This Ford Is A Lemon Too

You could argue that no Democratic candidate could have won the Senate race in Tennessee last year for the seat vacated by Bill “Cat Killer” Frist, and I don’t know if that would have been wrong. You could argue that Bob Corker had been prepped for battle by a tough Repug primary in that state. And you could argue that any Democrat running in that state (especially someone who is African American) should have expected a low, disgusting blow like the ad with the blonde party girl asking him to call her because that sort of thing works there (insert your snark here).

But to me, Harold Ford has never presented himself as anything more than a Repug-lite with his support of permanently repealing the estate tax, amending the Constitution to ban flag burning and sealing the border with Mexico, among other loony stands. You should stand or fall based on what you’re supposed to be, and only a Democrat-in-name-only would hold Ford’s positions (paging Joe Lieberman…and if that isn’t a cut, I don’t know what is).

So to me, Ford is absolutely the perfect choice to head the Democratic Leadership Council, since that organization stands for nothing whatsoever that I support (and my guess is that they’re already working on the first draft of their speech pledging everlasting fealty to Hillary Clinton, the presumptive – in their minds – Democratic nominee for president next year).

And by the way, even though Kos did not have good things to say about Tom Vilsack (admittedly, he is a long shot for the Democratic presidential nomination), at least he, along with John Edwards, has stood up to the “surge and escalation” proposed by Dubya for Iraq.

The best news about having Ford head the DLC is that this will kill any possibility of Ford taking over the Democratic National Committee, an utterly ridiculous notion put forward by James Carville; I honestly thought he knew better.

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