Friday, November 17, 2006

More From Doomsy’s News Desk

I really don’t have much to say about any of these news items that have shown up over the last day or so, but I wanted to point them out:

- Kudos to PA Governor Ed Rendell for advocating deep cuts in mercury emissions from Pennsylvania’s coal-fired power plants (and kudos to the regulatory board that approved the cuts). As the story notes (here), Pennsylvania will be the first major coal-producing state to require a tougher-than-federal limit on mercury emissions from power plants; Pennsylvania is second only to Texas in its level of mercury emissions (mercury is particularly toxic to babies).

(And by the way, I never understood this whole notion of one chronically polluting company being able to buy "credits" from another company that doesn't pollute quite so much. Do the people living near the chronically polluting company have the same risk of becoming ill because of negligence as people living near the company that doesn't pollute to the same extent?)

- Kudos also to Rush Holt, U.S. Congressional rep from New Jersey, for renewing his call for paper ballots as a backup for e-ballots in light of the most recent electronic voting controversy, in Florida of course (and the former congressional district of Katherine Harris, no less).

- Kudos yet again to Russ Feingold for trying to discourage the proliferation of nuclear weapons in light of the agreement Bushco and the Repugs made with India, a country which did not sign the nonproliferation treaty (kind of a shame he’s not going to run in ’08, but the field is getting pretty crowded now on both sides, and he can probably be more effective in his Senate role).

- Let me get this straight, OK? Wal-of-China Mart is mad at John Edwards now because a staffer tried to get a Playstation 3 for the former Senator’s family after Edwards’ criticism of the company (totally justified, and then some)?

Am I the only one who thinks this is incredibly weak?

- And last but not least…Happy Birthday Howie!

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