Monday, October 30, 2006

More Help For Patrick

With eight days to go before Election Day (and, yes, I’ll admit that it can’t come soon enough for me also), we in the PA-08 U.S. Congressional House district are currently enduring what is the equivalent of the tortured scream of a trapped, slaughtered animal in the form of invective found in the Letters to the Editor of the Bucks County Courier Times that has ranged from hostile and combative to truly childish and insipid.

Chronic offender Joseph Ryan launched a broadside at Bill Clinton today (I swear, people will be attacking that man after he leaves this earth, which, God willing, won’t be for awhile yet), a tour de force in freeper lies, insinuations and selective memory recall that was something to behold (of course, he was REALLY attacking the Democratic Party as a whole, with the laughable title to his rant of “Vote For Democrats And Have Terrorists In Every City” – I usually don’t publicize the freeper faithful like this, but I have no objection with holding Ryan up to ridicule at this moment, and I also don’t care at this time that he once served our country; I’ve truly had it with some of these idiots.)

And by the way, these two letters appeared also.

Will Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick please tell us how much of our money he has spent to send out glossy campaign lookalike mailings using and abusing the franking privilege? Through June 30 he had already spent over $360,000, the most by any elected official in the Philadelphia area according to information presented in a Philadelphia Inquirer article (Sept. 8).

After June 30 until the Aug. 9 cutoff date, we were blitzed by what appeared to be almost daily glossy mailings, campaign documents masquerading as information documents. How much did these additional mailings cost the taxpayers? We may never know at least until the election is over.

Fitzpatrick has chosen not to make the costs known despite requests from a Bucks County Courier Times reporter, a request from myself and no doubt from many others. Why doesn’t he respond?

Since he has used the system extensively, there is no doubt he knows the amount or approximately the amount. Why not tell us? Could it be that he knows that we taxpayers who are already outraged at his spending over $360,000 of our money will go ballistic when we hear a number much closer to $1,000,000 or even over $1,000,000?

Come on Mike, show us the money!

Glenn Beasley
Newtown Township

As a Republican I am appalled by this year’s sleazy attack ads and the obscene amounts of money being spent, particularly in the 8th district congressional race. The attacks on Democrat Patrick Murphy by the NRCC and Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick have reached an all time low.

I have had several opportunities to meet with Patrick Murphy and discuss many issues facing our country as well as local issues and have found him to be honest, sincere, dedicated and intelligent.

Murphy is a veteran who served two deployments after 9/11, the first in Bosnia in 2002 and the second to Baghdad, Iraq in 2003-2004 as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division. He knows firsthand what needs to be done in Iraq and what issues our troops are facing. Yet his patriotism is being questioned?

Patrick also holds a degree from the Widener University School of Law, interned at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, was a special prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office and was an instructor at West Point. Hardly the qualifications of someone who is “mindless.”

Even though I personally do not agree with many of the Democratic philosophies, I am tired of career politicians who will stop at nothing to protect their own interests. I will be voting for Patrick Murphy.

Susan Kiernan
Falls Township
When it comes to my contention that the Repugs have lost the moderate vote, by the way, I would call Ms. Kiernan's letter Exhibit A in that argument.

Oh, and here's another interesting letter that appeared in today's Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Inquirer's endorsement of Mike Fitzpatrick for the Eighth District seat was a disappointment ("Mike Fitzpatrick for Congress," Oct. 23).

Where is the so-called moderate in Fitzpatrick? He voted against potentially life-saving embryonic stem-cell research, which is supported by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and a large majority of Americans.

Fitzpatrick has also voted against family planning and he has cosponsored a bill that would not only make abortion illegal in all instances, but would not allow an exception for victims of rape and incest. This bill would even outlaw many common forms of birth control. I don't call that moderate.

I'm surprised that The Inquirer endorsed Fitzpatrick even though it recognized that Democrat Patrick Murphy is superior in "character" and "ethics," both qualities sorely missing in Washington. Murphy not only has run a more ethical campaign, but he cares about women's health and rights and supports life-saving scientific research.

I am a Republican who will be voting for Patrick Murphy.

Gail Edwardson
If you can do anything to help Patrick's campaign with the "Get Out The Vote" effort that will be so crucial a week from tomorrow, click here.

Also, there will probably be no posting tomorrow (talk amongst yourselves)...


Anonymous said...

The guest opinion by Joseph Ryan you refer to will have a response in the paper very shortly. Approval was given yesterday afternoon to print. The writer addresses Ryan, another writer and Santorum. What is mind boggling is the statement from Ryan that Kennedy initated Viet Nam. That is what the response will be about..because too many ignorants do not know the history of Viet Nam. Todays guest opinion was equally offensive and should be rebutted. Todays idiot du jour, exposed himself when he said Carter undermined the Shah of Iran. Hey, Brulenski, open a history book and get educated. I hate the BS and the attempt to rewrite history. If one does know where we came from how the hell can one decide where we are going?? If you like the response feel free to post it.

doomsy said...

Whoever you are, I want to "knock down a cold one" or two or three at happy hour with you one night. You're speaking my language.

To be honest with you, I skimmed over what Ryan said and I didn't read Brulenski at all - I know someone who hammered Brulenski twice in the past on his bogus letters. Along with Joseph Duome, Rich Petrucco, and a few other people, including Bill O'Neill, who seems to hate government but strangely enough is always running for office, they seem to be the "greek chorus" of winger stupidity.

Yep, they always want to rewrite history like their icon Ronnie Baby "back in the day" (and he always screwed it up too).

Thanks a lot for checking in (and I'll be on the lookout for the response).