Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Facts Are Inconvenient, Aren't They?

The Philadelphia Inquirer has a regular feature on its editorial page most Wednesdays called "Blog Cabin" (oh, how clever) in which they highlight particular blog entries on certain topics. Aside from fitting in the correct number of characters in the prescribed column space, I have no idea of what their criteria is for including a blog entry on the page. They've featured posts from Jack and Lisa at Ruminate This on occasion, so I can see that at least some degree of editorial judgment is involved in their decisions (and they usually feature two posts at a time).

Well anyway, today's topic has to do with the outing of Valerie Plame, but for some reason, they didn't feature anything from Atrios, which is ridiculous because he has covered it so thoroughly, and also because he's based in this area. One of the posts they featured was from something called The Florida Masochist, in an attempt to appease "Wingnuttia" I guess, and it is one of the most patently idiotic pieces of tripe that purports to deal with the Plame matter that I have ever read.

I would suggest to Philadelphia's "newspaper of record" that they bother to do their homework a little more thoroughly next time and not highlight an intellectually lazy individual who apparently has no desire to understand his subject matter.

Update 10/19: I'm going to show more fairness to this person than he deserves and publish the link to the Inquirer here (you have to register).

Update 10/20: James Moore from The Huffington Post provides the finest summary of this that I have seen to date. I consider this to be required reading for every citizen of this country, to say nothing of the rest of the world.


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