Monday, May 01, 2017

Monday Stuff

Rachel Maddow interviews Vladimir Kara-Murza, vice chairman of Open Russia (to me, this man is the definition of guts and bravery – of course, this is another casualty of life under election-stealer Vlad Putin…an update is here)…

…and I agree with Kyle K.’s analysis of this exchange between Bill Maher and Elizabeth Warren recently (NSFW – and I think his comment about the anti-establishment candidate was spot-on, and I hope he’s right at the very end)…

Update: I know Kyle has a point in criticizing Maher for attacking the voters, but I just happened to see some polling data on the GA-06 U.S. House Race between Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel, and apparently it’s a virtual tie.

How the hell could this have happened? Is it because Jon Ossoff suddenly forgot how to run a good campaign and present himself as a candidate who could make a difference? Or that, somehow, Karen Handel found a way to actually address core issues important to the voters of that district?

I’m sure the answer to all of these questions is No. It’s probably because the district is being inundated with negative ads against Ossoff and the typical dog whistles from the right that work a majority of pretty-much-low-information voters into a lather. And of course, the response goes out to donations all over the place to try and outspend people who seem to be able to drop a grand like I would drop a $20 bill (thank you once more, High Court of Hangin’ Judge JR, For Citizens United!).

Given that, how is Maher wrong?

I should note that I have no data to back up my argument. I admit that I’m saying this based on past experience, and as always, I’d love to be incorrect on this.

But I don’t think I am. And unfortunately, that makes Maher exactly right.

Update 5/5/17: Concerning GA-06, though, this definitely is good news.

...and I have to tell you that this absolutely knocked me out - of course, the last time someone in this country proposed something like this, he was roundly ridiculed...

…and I’m kind of in the mood for something mellow – hope you are too.

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