Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Wednesday Stuff

(Apparently this recently appeared over the Rose Bowl parade - nice work.)

I know, if I were able, that I could probably post forever about the truly awful cabinet nominations of President-Elect Big Orange Cheetoh, but I’m not able to do that – however, I think I should take a moment and ask that you recall the following about former Indiana Repug U.S. Senator Dan Coats, who is apparently being floated for Director of National Intelligence (here).

Yeah, Dan Coats.

The senator who showed up at the wrong hearing (as shown in the following clip).

God help us…

...and kudos to Michael Mann for the ruling allowing him to sue these conservative assh*les for defaming him on the issue of climate science (and for attacking all of the fake news garbage, as Farron Cousins explains here)...

…and Ari Melber talks to Kelly Ward, interim executive director of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, about Democratic plans to correct the redistricting garbage that the Repugs inflicted in 2010 (and even if it means that the Dem U.S. House rep in Florida loses, so be it)…

…and I said I would link to some new music eventually, didn’t I?

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