Saturday, July 09, 2016

Saturday Stuff

(I also posted here.)

“Secular Talk” tells us of Bernie Sanders’s recent Op-Ed in the New York Times (NSFW…don’t quite despair in HRC as Kyle does…don’t know how you can consider HRC to be the same as Trump when it comes to the corporate nonsense, though I admit that he makes good points…”ya’ gotta go left” – damn correct on that)…

…and with that in mind, I give you the following recent great words from Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the TPP…

…and oh yeah – anybody out there beside me remember Zika? Fortunately, Harry Reid did here

…and I hope you’re in the mood for some great live (more or less) music, because here it comes (not sure what's up with the letterbox formatting in Chrome and IE on the laptop, but it sounds fine and all is OK on the smartphone, so there you are).

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