Thursday, June 09, 2016

Thursday Stuff

Seth Meyers takes a look at "The Donald" and his attacks on the Mexican-heritage judge hearing the case against Trump’s bogus “university” (here)…

…and it’s time once more for “This Day In Doomsy History,” but we’re just going back about two years this time to 6/4/14 to remind ourselves of the benefits of the Clean Power Plan from President Obama which, as noted here, was stayed by the High Court of Hangin’ Judge JR pending judicial review – uh huh, yeah, right…the Plan was opposed by that nematode Pat Toomey, PA’s own waste of space in the U.S. Senate (here) – to do something about that, click here

…and continuing the environmental theme somewhat, I was wondering what Lee Camp was up to – here, he tells us that Bayer and Monsanto are trying to merge…what could go wrong (snark)…

…and very much unlike the prior clip, I would say that this is a combination that definitely works.

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